What Is a KVM Switch?

Have you ever had to use multiple computers, but found it inconvenient to switch between them constantly? A KVM switch might just be the solution you need.


KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse, and a KVM switch allows you to control multiple computers with a single set of keyboard, video, and mouse peripherals. This means you can easily switch between computers without the need for multiple keyboards, monitors, or mice cluttering your desk.

KVM switches come in different forms, including desktop, rack-mounted, and wireless models, and they can support a variety of video inputs and outputs, such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Some KVM switches also support audio, USB devices, and other peripherals.

KVM switches are commonly used in server rooms and data centers, where IT professionals need to manage multiple servers and other network devices. They can also be useful for gamers who want to switch between different gaming PCs without the hassle of constant unplugging and reconnecting cables.

When choosing a KVM switch, it's important to consider the number of computers you need to control, the type of video connections you require, and any additional features you might need. Some KVM switches also offer advanced features such as remote access, multi-platform support, and hotkey switching. AVCiT is the pioneer of the industry.

KVM Switch Applications

  • Factory control room

  • Train control room

  • CCTV control room

  • Off-shore control room

  • Meeting room

  • Small office

  • Command center

  • Emergency operation center

  • Airport operation center

  • Transportation operation center

  • Network operation center

  • Security operations center

Overall, a KVM switch is a useful tool for anyone who needs to control multiple computers with a single set of peripherals. It can save you time and reduce clutter, making it a valuable addition to any workstation or server room.

If you are looking for KVM matrix switch solutions, AVCiT is a good option. When it comes to KVM matrix switch solutions, AVCiT stands out with its advanced KVMoIP technology and reliable kvm transmitter and receiver options. Experience seamless control and enhanced productivity with AVCiT's top-quality products for your workstation or server room.

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