What Value Does AV over IP Bring to Your Control Center?

Control centers should look at ways to improve efficiency and ensure trouble-free command of critical missions as the larger they are and the more accurate the information mastery. And AV over IP leads a simple way for control centers to deliver varied functions to multi-locations, overcoming the traditional cumbersome systems and distance limitations.

Flexibility and Scalability

The Audio Visual over IP (AVoIP) solution distributes audio-visual signals over the Internet in a flexible, easy-to-manage way. You can add more endpoints by connecting many encoders and decoders, not limited by the physical ports on switches, but expanding connections with IP ports. It also facilitates the transmission of AV signals over long distances and switching them with minimal latency.

Cost-effective Solutions

Since AV over IP enables AV signals to be transmitted over the network, it bridges the gap between the AV and IT infrastructures, thereby it is obviously a cost-effective solution. Crucially, the more endpoints installed, the greater the cost saving. In the traditional way, more endpoints require more ports for matrix switchers and it was the costlier and more expensive switchers. By contrast, AV over IP is easily expanded and cost-acceptable, especially when more endpoints are installed and the overhead is cut.

Cabling Simplification

By using your existing network infrastructure, AV over IP requires less cabling and only a single type of cable and removes physical point-to-point connections, which allows for easier and faster updates and transports all your signals wherever they are needed.

AVCiT has significant experience in projects of the control center and is well-placed to deliver future-proof options for your AV over IP solution. We take functionality and experience into account when understanding your needs, and make tailored solutions for you. When you want to add more value to your control center, let us know what works best for you!

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