Why Are Digital KVM over IP More and More Popular in Control Rooms?

1. What is digital KVM?

The KVM switches has greatly promoted the management efficiency for the IT Equipments. It is precisely with this network product that what used to an idea in the field of networking has become a reality. With the technology development of KVM switches, more KVM solutions have been developed. Digital KVM over IP is one of the products that is more and more favored by control room.

Digital KVM is an industries-level solution for the centralized control and management with high integration and high security, combining Keyboard & Mouse and Video processing, transmission and control over IP. Digital KVM over IP System can provide BIOS-level control and management of multiple servers and other IT equipment over a TCP/IP network, whether locally in the rack or at any remote location.

2. Reasons why control room adopt digital KVM over IP solution

(1) Simplify operator's workplace environment: Separate the operator's computer from workplace console and install at the server room, as a general management mode of the computer room of modern data center, it is convenient to manage the host equipment in the computer room in the control room. Moreover, this Ddigital KVM centralized management level reaches a cross-platform hardware level, overcoming the shortcomings of general software management that cannot be cross-platform and occupies server processes.

(2) Expand space and optimize configuration: it saves space by eliminating unnecessary peripheral devices, reduces the number of KVMs, frees up a lot of space for newly added servers and other host devices, and avoids the suspension of enterprise services due to relocation.

(3) Improve efficiency and guarantee the system: a console composed of a set of digital KVM can log in to all host devices; different maintenance personnel can manage their own host devices (servers, network devices, storage devices) through different consoles, and they are independent of each other with no interference. The selection of the operation mode facilitates the collaborative work of multiple managers and facilitates collaborative troubleshooting and system drills.

(4) Deal with computer room problems in a timely and convenient manner: it not only reduces the complexity of the computer room wiring, but also facilitates the neat planning of the computer room, and uses powerful user management to improve the overall analysis and management of the computer room. The matrix switcher and the user terminal can be connected by CAT5 cables at a distance of 300 meters, realizing the goal of managing multiple computer rooms by one control center.

(5) Centralized and safe management of servers: there is no need to worry about the unsafe factors caused by entering and leaving the computer room. The host equipment in the computer room can be centrally managed in the control room, ensuring the security of the computer room and providing extended functions with remote maintenance.

(6) Convenient expansion: digital KVM equipment can be expanded in cascade, and can be easily expanded to hundreds of connection ports, so as to meet the application of various types of computer rooms.

By utilizing digital KVM over IP technology, control rooms can experience simplified operator environments and centralized management of servers, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and freeing up valuable space. With features like KVMoIP and ip kvm HDMI connectivity, digital KVM allows for secure and convenient remote management, making it an increasingly popular choice for control rooms.

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