Advantages and Application Areas of KVM Extender over Ethernet

With the rapid development of the market economy, the KVM switches/KVM extender over Ethernet has been widely used in various industries. To strive to make professional KVM switchers/KVM extenders enter more fields and create value for more users, the products are constantly being updated along with the development of the market economy, and many big brand companies have made KVM switchers/KVM extenders more in line with the needs of users in various industries and fields, which have been recognized and appreciated by many users. KVM switches/KVM extender over Ethernet has become one of the most important players in Internet processing and applications. With KVM switches/ KVM extenders, a better operating environment can be created, and it is a critical task to obtain a good product for some technically demanding industry sectors.

1. Advantages of IP based KVM switchers/KVM extender

(1) Security

When all servers are placed in one place, all of them can be centrally controlled and maintained by using the KVM switchers/KVM extender over Ethernet, extending the service life of servers, greatly improving the efficiency of management and maintenance personnel, making the servers work in a superior environment, so that the effect of greatly reducing the heat emission and energy saving of all hardware devices is obtained, and the basic stability is improved.

(2) Flexibility

IP  KVM switchers/KVM extender support any kinds of the strandard Keyboard and mouse, just plug and play, it can transmit the video signals over IP over UTP and USB up to 100M. Operator can control PC servers remotely over IP.

(3) Reliability

IP KVM switchers/KVM extenders support 24/7 operation continuously and support the hot swappable with redundant power supplier and ethernet. 

2. Applications of KVM switchers/KVM extender over Ethernet in the industry sector

(1)Control rooms

Control rooms are crucial part for different industries.Simplify Operator Workspace for More Comfortable Environment is very important for control rooms.  Computers/sources could be separated from the workspace console desk and stored in the server room, where they are safe, air-conditioned, so that heat and noise emissions in the office can be eliminated

(2)Network Operation Center

A network operations center (NOC) is a centralized location where IT teams can continuously monitor the performance and health of a network.

Visualize video wall and Intuitive KVM OSD is a must  for the NOC, so that Operator can easy to monitor all the Network information.

IP-based KVM switchers and KVM extenders offer a range of advantages, such as enhanced security, flexibility, and reliability. These features make them integral components for optimizing control room display solutions, facilitating NOC solutions, and enabling efficient KVMoIP management across various industries. Streamlining operator workspace and enabling intuitive monitoring through video walls and KVM OSD, these solutions contribute to a seamless control environment with improved efficiency and operational ease.

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