Application Advantages of Control Room Video Wall

More than just organizational showpieces or large fancy displays, the primary purpose of a control room video wall is to provide domain experts (operators or control room users) with true situational awareness and a common operating picture where information from PCs, video, web applications, CCTV or surveillance cameras, etc. can be displayed and shared simultaneously. This enables and facilitates informed decision-making at a unified level in today's fast-paced organizations and industries, which is always important for mission-critical operations.

I. Control Room Video Walls for Utility Industries

For control room displays of SCADA and OMS information and other critical data and graphics, all utility control rooms require visual high-resolution display systems where image clarity and reliability are not only critical, but also essential for smooth operations. It is not possible to display high resolution SCADA on a small monitor without compromising quality and sacrificing readability. High-resolution image are displayed on the control room video wall for hours on end and monitored by the operators using it to ensure system reliability. The display wall is not only used to monitor operations, but also as a visual reference for critical communications with operators in the field.


2.Control Room Video Wall for Traffic Industries

Transportation management centers need to be able to display high-resolution graphical information from maps, multiple IP Camera, traffic management applications, etc. to ensure safe and continuous traffic flow. Operators need to be able to continuously monitor all types of information. They also need to expand this information or imagery over large areas flexibly and seamlessly when the need becomes critical. Operators need to use control room video walls and controller to collaborate on real-time information from video sources and other applications in order to dispatch much-needed actions in a timely manner to ensure smooth operations.


3. Control Room Video Walls for Emergency operations, management and response

During emergency operations, management and response teams need high-resolution image displayed from multiple applications to be shared among many different users and operators simultaneously. Due to time constraints, multiple organizations often need to come together and collaborate to make informed decisions and take the right actions. Emergency operations can run continuously for hours or even days through multiple shifts, and consistency and reliability of display information as well as control room video walls is critical. In emergency operations, control room display solutions, including a DVI video wall controller, enable management and response teams to share high-resolution images from multiple applications among different users in real-time, facilitating collaboration and informed decision-making. The consistent and reliable display information provided by control room video walls is essential for continuous operations that span across multiple shifts, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical visual data during critical situations.

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