AVCiT Interactive Paperless System Solution

As the needs of users become more and more diverse, the trend has been to personalize and diversify the application of paperless systems.


New definition

Experience optimization

The AVCiT interactive paperless system solution - which eliminates the need for traditional paperless servers and integrates distributed systems, paperless systems, conference intelligence screens, and displays large screens - greatly optimizes the user's application experience in interactive conferencing and joint command and control.

Functional innovation

AVCiT interactive paperless system solution - to achieve seamless functional integration between various systems, integrate massive video resource information in the meeting and conference, give full play to the role of each sub-system, flexible and convenient multi-party interaction, maximize the function of the paperless screen in each location, each screen has both unity and Each screen has both unified and individualized functions and can be extended to interconnect all parties.

Solution Highlights

Innovation architecture

● IP-based distributed network for data transmission, enabling interactive communication of geographically dispersed users over the network.

● No need for servers in traditional paperless systems, creating a minimalist system configuration and more flexible system upgrades and iterations. The paperless meeting room can be built quickly by simply adding paperless lift monitors and intelligent conference tablets, saving system construction costs and increasing system utilization.

● It also integrates intelligent conferencing and KVM collaboration functions, breaking through the boundaries of each system and making paperless conferencing more open, effective, and constructive.

Two-way interaction

● The two-way interactive drawing function of the presenter and the participant can be achieved in an all-around way, with the main conference screen and the seat screen not only sharing real-time images but also making interactive annotations.

● Real-time interaction between multiple participants for efficient decision-making.

Support KVM and return data

● It can be interconnected with the command center and other key areas, can take over the operations within its authority, and transfer data across areas to assist in meetings and decision-making.

● At the same time, participants can share temporary data (sound, image and data, text, and other information) directly from their seats to the main conference screen for the shared application.

Interactive display

Each participant can independently select the content they need to view according to different conference scenarios, and the screens viewed by each participant can be different and not interfere with each other.

Follow linkage

The presenter can freely switch the display content on the intelligent screen, and the participants can choose to follow the display or display independently according to their actual needs, realizing diversified display applications.

Collaborative whiteboard

Synergistic whiteboard function for paperless displays, synchronizing the content of each paperless display with the intelligent screen whiteboard, allowing interactive writing of content and accurate and fast communication of information. With AVCiT's innovative architecture for interactive paperless systems, organizations can seamlessly integrate data center KVM solutions and control room video wall to create a collaborative and efficient environment for meetings and decision-making. The system's support for two-way interaction, data transfer, and collaborative whiteboard functionality enhances communication and information sharing among participants.

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