IP-based KVM for Data Center Management

Creating the greatest benefit with the least cost has become the most important criterion for enterprise expenditure in the construction of IT systems. However, in the deployment of Data Center, equipping the IP-based KVM  solution with low cost, high stability, reliability, and security to support the management of complex and diverse computer room system architecture has become an important means to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

1. IP-based KVM for Data Center's network infrastructure management

The data center management within the enterprise has been further developed from the original fixed-point near-end management to multinational remote control management. Therefore, remote KVM management solutions that can perform remote control and management have gradually become the new favorite of computer room management. Taking the IP-based KVM solution as an example, in addition to giving the computer room the flexibility to manage multiple servers, it can also relieve the system administrator from the trouble of running back and forth between different computer room locations. With the help of an IP network, system administrators can easily operate and switch multiple remote server hosts through a simple browser interface, so that the computer room management can be completed immediately, and the efficiency of the computer room management is greatly improved. The advanced IP-based KVM solutions on the market can also provide complete cross-platform compatibility functions and complete security mechanisms to ensure the security of data transmission. Compared with traditional remote computer room management by software, IP-based KVM can provide more integrated functions, as well as higher stability and reliability, and can greatly reduce the procurement cost of control equipment. In addition to remote control and management, IP-based KVM solutions also offer integrated functions such as IP video wall controller, making them ideal for applications in airport operation control center. With their higher stability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, these solutions are rapidly gaining popularity in data center management.

2. The principle of IP-based KVM

The principle of ip based kvm is to allow Operator remotely access and control multiple computer servers through the LAN or  Internet or Web, to assist system administrators in any corner of the world to manage and maintain computer rooms anytime, anywhere, and significantly reduce the time cost of business travel and maintenance. For example, a Chinese company that owns machinery and equipment in the United States can achieve centralized management of the computer room in China, because, through the KVM remote network management device, all work content can be controlled in different places. The IP-based KVM technology conforms to the industry standard TCP/IP network protocol, so it is not bound by any closed standards developed by any specific manufacturer, creating a management environment that knows no borders.

The IP-based KVM  solution can not only greatly reduce the cost of business travel and time, but also ensure 100% reliability of going online at any time. With the increasing popularity of the Internet, this remote management scheme through IP architecture will surely win the favor of the market.

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