Basic Functions and Requirements of Video Matrix

1. Video and audio matrix switch

The concept of matrix switch is derived from the concept of linear algebra in higher mathematics, which generally refers to the multiple output options in the case of multiple inputs, forming the matrix structure as shown in the following figure, that is, each output can be "short-circuited" with different input signals, each output can only be connected to one input, but each input can be connected to different outputs (simultaneously).

In a project, audio signal and video signal and HDMI signal should be considered as three different media. Audio signals are generally input in a large number, such as microphone and CD and DVD player audio. However, the fact that power amplifier and sound generally only have a set should be taken into account (at most a mixing table is added for mixing before the power amplifier), so is the video matrix, that is, to switch the video image from any input channel to any output channel for display. Generally speaking, an M×N matrix: indicates that it can support both M channel image input and N channel image output, namely an arbitrary input and an arbitrary output.

2. What are the basic functions and requirements of video matrix switch?

A video matrix switch system should also typically include the following basic features: Character signal overlay; Decoder interface to control the tripod head and camera; Alarm interface; Control host, as well as audio control box, alarm interface box, control keyboard and other accessories. For Chinese users, the character overlay should be all Chinese to facilitate the use of operators who do not understand English. The video matrix system also needs to support cascading to achieve higher capacity. In order to adapt to the requirements of different users on the capacity of the matrix system, the video matrix system should support modularity and plug and play (PnP). The combination of different capacities can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the video input and output cards.

The development direction of video matrix system is multiple functions, large capacity, networking and remote switching. Generally speaking, the capacity of the matrix system reaches 144×144, which means the large capacity matrix switch. If a larger capacity matrix system switch. is needed, it can also be achieved by cascading multiple matrix The larger the matrix switch.capacity is, the higher the technical level is required, and the more difficult the design is to realize.

In terms of the nominal index of the manufacturer, especially for HDMI signal products, matrix switch equipment is the core equipment of the display. If there is a problem, it will be a global problem, which will make the whole system paralyzed, so stability and reliability are all-conquering. We should ensure stability and reliability, even though index and cost performance are sacrificed.

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