Technologies and Software Used in Video Wall Control Rooms

A video wall is a large display panel made up of several smaller screens placed together to form a single display unit. It is increasingly becoming a popular communication tool in various industries, including entertainment, education, retail, healthcare, and more. Controlling a video wall requires specialist knowledge and technology to manage the display, changing the input source, and controlling the output resolution. This is where video wall control rooms come in. A video wall control room is a centralized monitoring hub used to manage and control the display of content on the video wall. In this blog post, we will explore the technologies and software used in video wall control rooms.

Video wall controllers:

A video wall controller is the critical component that sends and receives signals to the video wall's individual displays. It is the backbone of video wall control technology and is responsible for displaying content on the video wall. The quality of the video wall controller will have a significant impact on the overall performance of the video wall. At AVCiT, we offer a wide range of video wall controllers that support different video wall configurations and hardware acceleration technologies.

Videowall management software:

Videowall management software is the critical software used in the command center that controls and manages the video wall. It enables the operators to incorporate multiple content sources, schedule video feeds, and monitor screen displays in real-time. The software can be integrated with a variety of sources, ranging from live TV feeds to pre-recorded video content. At AVCiT, we offer a flexible and customized control software solution designed to suit different applications, including multi-screen displays, image rotation, and edge-blending, among others.

Content display:

The video wall control room is a hub for content management, so it is essential to have a content management system that enables users to access and modify the content. The system should have a user-friendly interface that enables users to select, arrange, and display content. It should also allow users to preview the video wall's output before the content goes live. At AVCiT, our solution is designed to be quick, intuitive, and adaptable, making it a powerful tool for managing content displays.

In conclusion, a video wall control room is an essential component of any video wall system. The video wall controller, videowall management software are the critical technologies used in a video wall control room. At AVCiT, we offer custom solutions that are tailored to our clients' needs, ensuring quality and reliability to deliver stunning video wall displays. Contact us today to learn more about our video wall control room solutions.

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