Centralized Control Solution of Digital KVM

1. The understanding of IP KVM switch

Internet data center, which develops rapidly with the continuous development of the demand on Internet, has become an indispensable part of China's Internet industry in the new century. It provides large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable professional server hosting, space rental, network wholesale bandwidth and ASP, EC and other services for Internet content providers (ICP), enterprises, media and various websites. Therefore, how to safely, centrally and effectively realize the unified management of the server, network and power supply in the data center room and the data room of various branches has become a problem that the management personnel of the data room are looking forward to solving.

2. The advantages of the IP KVM switch

The centralized remote deep management system of IP KVM switch has the following advantages:

(1) Secured PC in the server room for centralized management

The all-digital IP technology enables digital remote users to centrally manage all devices in the machine room through the centralized security authentication system. This ensures that all users must pass the strict permission verification of the authentication server before accessing the terminal devices. After passing the authentication, they can access the servers and devices that have the corresponding management permission. This ensures the system security and supports local operations in the machine room, preventing users from accessing the digital KVM switch in an insecure way.

(2) A unified platform integrating a variety of room resources

A data center may have servers and network devices of various models and brands, and network devices have their own management interfaces, which are not conducive to centralized management. The IP based KVM switch supports multiple servers and other hardware devices, supports a variety of hardware platforms (including SUN, PS/2, USB, Console port and other interface types), a variety of operating systems, supports serial port devices (minicomputers, network devices, etc.), so as to provide a unified platform integrating a variety of machine room resources for the end users. Consequently, all the servers, minicomputers, serial port devices and network devices in the room can be completely controlled on a unified platform, and can be perfectly combined with other hardware facilities in the room, truly realizing the complete control of system resources in the room. In the context of KVMoIP, IP KVM HDMI technology, and KVM transmitter and receiver, the centralized remote deep management system of IP KVM switches offers valuable benefits. Utilizing all-digital IP technology, it ensures secure and centralized management of server room devices through strict authentication, enhancing system security. Additionally, the system integrates diverse hardware platforms and unifies room resources, facilitating comprehensive control in line with KVMoIP, IP KVM HDMI technology, and KVM transmitter and receiver integration.

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