Reasons for Using HDMI Modular Matrix Switcher for Video Walls in Large Conference Rooms

1. Reasons for choosing HDMI matrix switcher

HDMI matrix switchers are commonly used as video switching for both local and remote video meetings in conference rooms. Local meetings can be connected to HD cameras, laptops and servers. The input is connected to the matrix and the output is connected to monitors and video wall for switching the entire conference. During remote video conferencing you can access the video conferencing endpoints. With more space left over and support for multiple types of input and output interfaces, allowing you to configure cards with different interfaces and different signals according to some complex usage environments.

Seamless switching between ports, such as DVI/ HDMI /VGA /SDI /CVBS /HDBASET and optical ports; support splicing function, including DVI/ HDMI/ VGA/ SDI/ CVBS/ HDBASET and optical ports. A variety of control methods are also reasons for using the HDMI video wall modular matrix switcher in conference rooms, including RS232 control, PCWEB control, mobile phone, tablet APP/WEB switching and control.

2. Control modes of HDMI matrix switcher

All-in-one HDMI matrix switcher has a fixed number of input/output interfaces, 1U size, small and convenient. It has a great advantage in some projects with a strict requirement on size. 8×8, 16×16, these common ones are widely used in multimedia meeting rooms and multifunctional exhibition halls. They support 4K30 and lower resolutions, support EDID management and are compatible with a wide range of display models. Also, the integrated HDMI matrix switcher has a variety of control options.

Support front key switch, key switch any signal to the display, can choose EDID and save the call scene; can switch the video signal through the remote control, which can achieve the same switching effect with the key; support the use of network control switch, support WEB page control switch on the PC side, support APP control and WEBGUI control switch on the mobile side at the same time; support the use of serial RS232 Control switching, support UDP protocol control switching. The diversity of control methods of the integrated HDMI matrix switcher, whether it is used independently to switch, or connected to the intelligent central control host, provides more options for different users in different use environments.

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