Revolutionizing AOC at Singapore Changi Airport Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Singapore Changi International Airport, one of the top ten busiest international airports in the world today, serves more than 120 international airlines flying to about 100 countries and regions and 380 cities, with more than 7,400 flights per week, no matter what the number of passengers, the number of flights taking off and landing or the volume of air cargo are all extremely large numbers.

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The Singapore Changi International Airport AOC is mainly used for the centralized management and unified command of the airport flight area, including daily operation support, safety production support, and service guarantee support for the airport flight area. AOC operators need to control and monitor multiple business systems at the airport, including daily business systems, CCTV monitoring systems, airway information systems, flight information systems, airline systems, etc. For this reason, it is very necessary to create a stable, efficient, and convenient AOC. Among the AOC systems, the audio and video transmission display system and the KVM control system play extremely important roles. AVCiT’s IP Video Wall Controller-DSII was selected in the Singapore Changi International Airport AOC to be responsible for the audio and video transmission and display, using IP Based KVM-DSIII is responsible for KVM control.

So what are the benefits of AVCiT to application in AOC?


In AOC, stability is undoubtedly the most important thing. Managing and monitoring multiple business systems requires 7*24 uninterrupted work. The stability of audio and video displays and KVM control is particularly important for operators. AVCiT’s IP Video Wall Controller and IP-Based KVM both use a serverless B/S architecture, which eliminates the possibility of the overall system crashing from the system architecture. At the same time, each node (encoder and decoder) has the functions of power backup, network backup, and video output port input/output backup. In addition, it also supports the use of multiple nodes for backup, which can be automatically switched in the event of an emergency. Use to ensure the stable operation of the system.

IP Video Wall Controller

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Image display is undoubtedly the most important part. AVCiT's IP Video Wall Controller uses HEVC+FPGA to transmit 4K 4:4:4 chroma signals over 1 Gigabit network. In addition, a single input node supports up to 256 channels of distribution, while a single output node supports simultaneous decoding and display of 16 channels of signals.

AVCiT's IP Video Wall Controller supports direct connection to the LED sending card (without other processors) to realize the display control of the LED Display Wall. (See the effect) As we all know, for audio and video systems, one more device connection means one more hidden failure point, and it also makes the system structure more complex, which is not conducive to maintenance and troubleshooting when problems occur. This is very important for Singapore Changi International Airport AOC, which has a large LED video wall, which means a simpler system and more convenient maintenance.


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AVCiT’s IP Video Wall Controller simplifies the system while adding richer features. In addition to splicing overlap, zoom in/out, resizing, and repositioning, it is able to real-time annotation and decode third-party RTSP protocols such as Hikvion, Dahua CCTV, SCADA, etc. This allows the operator to It is convenient to call CCTV signals, and team communication can be carried out more efficiently through real-time labeling.

IP Based KVM

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For AOC, it's very critical for the operator to ensure a good image and low mouse latency via the KVM system. AVCiT's IP Based KVM guarantees high-quality images and extremely low mouse delay control, allowing operators to obtain a delay-free operation experience.

AVCiT's IP Based KVM supports up to 8 signals to be displayed and controlled on one display at the same time. This is particularly necessary for operators who supervise multiple workstations at the same time. He can directly supervise 8 different workstations at the same time without multiple operations.

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The image will be too small by displaying 8 signals on a single monitor simultaneously, therefore AVCIT developed the feature allowing to zoom in the image quickly by double-click projection. For operators with multiple monitors, one monitor can be used for supervision and another for daily work and control. When the operator needs to control any source on the supervision monitor, it's just required to double-click the image to project it on the daily work monitor. The Double-click projection feature is also available for operators with a single monitor, he can zoom in on the source to full screen by double-clicking.


At the same time, AVCiT's IP Video Wall Controller and IP-Based KVM can be used to create a more efficient and assistive AOC. Using all-in-one systems at the same time can achieve more efficient functions under the completion of the functions of each system. AOC operators can use the push function to quickly share the current signal to the display wall or colleagues who need assistance when supervising the business system. The convenient assistance helps to quickly process the work.

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