The Advantages of Network KVM Switch and the Difference with KVM Optical Transceiver

In the complex space of the server room running multiple hosts at the same time, the KVM matrix over IP plays an important role. Its function can integrate multiple computers and servers, and the KVM console composed of keyboard, mouse and display screen is a relatively convenient and economical solution for coordinating equipment from local to remote side.

1. The introduction of network KVM matrix Over IP

IP based KVM matrix is decentralized system, can connnect to no limit Computers and serviers, and its Intuitive OSD can easy to manage, and the network connection between them can be controlled anywhere in the world. The IP based KVM matrix is mainly used to securely access computers, servers and other devices from local users or remote users through a console consisting of a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and can control local or remote users using the network.

Common IP based KVM matrix can support a variety of switching methods, such as the most common button switching, OSD menu switching, shortcut key switching, etc. IP based KVM matrix is with KVM encoder which connects to the PC servers, while KVM decoder connect to the monitors, it has the USB ports to connect to PC and the keyboard and mouse.

2. The advantages of IP KVM matrix

(1) It can save the space of monitor, keyboard and mouse. It is decenetralized solution, can be flexible and scalable

(2) Improve operational efficiency. In the past, when a fault occurred, people needed to actively search for the fault, which not only took time and energy, but also had low efficiency. Now, a network KVM switch can control all the machines, which not only saves manpower but also improves efficiency.

(3) Cost saving. Reducing the consumption of space and manpower can save a lot of cost, and controlling the cost of network operation is one of the key factors for the success of an enterprise.

(4) Local or remote management. Using the IP KVM matrix  for local or remote management can ensure 24-hour uninterrupted management and maintenance of the network, and can ensure the security and stability of the network.

3. The difference between KVM optical transceiver and IP based KVM matrix

KVM optical transceiver is composed of KVM transmitter and KVM receiver, which is mainly used for signal transmission in multimedia application systems. The IP based KVM matrix is mainly used to monitor and manage multiple computers and multiple servers, and the nature of the two is very different. IP based KVM matrix is with KVM matrix, KVM extender, KVM multiviewer features, it can depoly for the control rooms solutions such as the NOC, SOC, OCC etc, so that users can remotely get access and manage the Computers and Servers. One of the significant advantages of KVMoIP technology is that it enables users to access and manage multiple computers and servers remotely using IP-based KVM matrix. With features like KVMoIP and HDMI connectivity, it provides seamless integration for control room solutions, such as NOC, SOC, and OCC.

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