What Are the Advantages of Using a KVM Extender over Ethernet?

1. Introduction of KVM Extender over Ethernet

With the rapid development of the market economy, KVM extender over Ethernet has been widely used in various industries. Many brands strive to make professional KVM extender over Ethernet enter more fields and create benefits for more users. The products of the market are constantly breaking through and updating along the development of the market economy, making the KVM extender over Ethernet more perfect to meet the needs of users in various industries, and have been recognized and appreciated by many users. The KVM extender over Ethernet has become one of the most important roles in Internet processing and applications, which also helps to form a better working environment. In some industries with high technical requirements, having a quality product is of utmost importance. So what are the advantages of using a KVM extender over Ethernet?

2. Advantages of KVM extender over Ethernet

(1) High efficiency of energy saving. When all servers are placed in a relatively safe and independent place, the use of KVM extender over Ethernet allows for centralized control and maintenance for all servers, prolonging the service life of servers, greatly improving the work efficiency of management and maintenance personnel, and making servers working in a superior environment. What's more, the effect of eliminating heat emission and energy saving of all hardware devices has been obtained to the greatest extent, and the most basic stability and security have been improved.

(2) Easy to use. The hot-swappable mouse and keyboard of the KVM extender over Ethernet can be perfectly supported with high-quality compatibility. And the target can be completed by replacing the mouse or keyboard of different specifications and models. It supports mouse, keyboard, monitor, USB, RS232, and other interfaces, extending the transmission distance up to 100 meters or more.

(3) Safe and reliable. Most of the high-quality KVM extender over Ethernet on the market are equipped with a removable storage interface to ensure data security to the greatest extent.

3. KVM extender over Ethernet for Enterprise Security Management

For enterprises, business confidential information is extremely important. If the data is copied and transmitted directly through the USB socket, floppy disk and serial port on the computer host, it is quite easy to cause large-scale leakage of commercial secrets and incalculable losses. However, if the KVM extender over Ethernet is used, the enterprise can place the server in a relatively safe place, and use a set of mouse, keyboard and monitor to manage, operate and maintain the computer host, which can ensure the absolute security of the business confidential information of the enterprise. In addition to ensuring the security of business confidential information, using a KVM extender over Ethernet provides the added advantage of centralizing server management, allowing enterprises to easily and securely operate and maintain their computer hosts from a remote location. By integrating an IP video wall controller into the system, enterprises can further enhance their control and visualization capabilities, ensuring efficient and secure management of their business-critical data.

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