What to Consider when Choosing a Remote KVM Switch?

The remote KVM matrix has developed from the initial management function to the local single cabinet to the remote control and maintenance based on IP, and has also developed to those with screen (LCD, LED screen), which is convenient for users to operate and maintain on-site in scenarios such as data centers and computer rooms. When our users choose IP remote KVM switches, what are the main factors we need to consider?

Ⅰ. KVM matrix over IP: Remote access and scalability

When using IP to directly access data center equipment, an IP based KVM matrix should be selected according to the existing network architecture to avoid special design considerations. IP KVM matrix can get remotely access to the PC servers, which can secure the PC servers in the server room.

With the continuous upgrade of the network, the number of users, the number of servers and the network equipment are increasing day by day, so the IP based KVM system must be able to keep up with the pace of business expansion. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a reliable, manageable, and scalable remote KVM matrix. The IP based KVM matrix system can grow together with various industries and accommodate a large number of concurrent users without refactoring the internal infrastructure. If you already have traditional KVM installed, you should look for a KVM matrix over IP with cascade capability. This feature will allow you to continue using your existing architecture.

Ⅱ. IP Based KVM matrix: Flexibility and Compatibility

IP KVM matrix can accommodate different types of target devices. It is decentralized system, which connected KVM transmitter and KVM receiver by CAT6 simply, it can also compatible with the third party system such as the SCADA SYSTEM, CCTV SERVER SYSTEM etc. No limit on the Inputs and outputs connection, can uplink the LAN switchers so that different locations can make the connectivity as well.

Ⅲ. IP based KVM matrix: security and authentication

No company wants its data and customer information to fall into the hands of others. Given the variety of security threats, relying only on a single point of protection method is never a wise choice. KVM matrix over IP have the following features:

1. Securely Permission management, create different user accounts with different permissions.

2. 3DES encryption

3. UserLog system support

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