What Are the Benefits of Using a KVM Switch?

1. What is a network kvm switch over ip?

IP based KVM switches allow you to use multiple computers with one set of keyboards, monitors, and mice, increasing productivity, saving space and money. This unique feature provides IT administrators with centralized real-time updates and maintenance.

Network KVM switchers over IP is pure Network configuration. And network kvm switch over ip widely deploy for the OCC/NOC/EOC.etc command centers in Oil&Gas, transportation, Police.etc different industries.

2. The benefits of using network kvm switch over ip

Usually if you need to control multiple PCs or servers, you will need to buy multiple sets of keyboards, mice and monitors. Maybe your desk is big enough for 2 or even 4 computers, each with its own monitor, keyboard and mouse. But what if you need to control 6 computers, or 8, or even dozens? Or in a server room application, having a console per server is extremely impractical because it would take up a lot of rack space. This is not the most efficient setup because it takes up space. Also, having a row of large monitors with keyboards and mice on a table or server rack creates clutter and takes up valuable space. Therefore, IP based KVM matrix were "born" from the need to save space, cost and improve efficiency.

Therefore, the main benefits of adopting KVM switch over IP are:

(1) Multiple PC/Server control: Users can quickly and easily access 2 or more PCs or servers  by Single Keyboard and mouse by KVM matrix features

(2) Reduce clutter: Reducing the number of keyboards, monitors, and mice needed can free up desk space. PC servers are  secured in the Server Rooms to deliminate the Noise in the control room

(3) Cost saving: No need to invest in additional computer equipment helps save money.

(4) Save space: Keep your desk tidy and save much-needed rack space in your server room.

(5) Peripheral support: Some IP based KVM matrix support USB peripherals, for example, without the need for a separate USB hub which support the USB transparency 

3. How does the KVM switch over IP work?

When a typical PC starts up, the operating system automatically tries to detect incoming signals from the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. After confirming the connection, the monitor will display the startup page. Therefore, the booting of a single PC (CPU/server) is intricate with the booting of its keyboard, mouse and monitor. KVM allows the correct signal to be toggled every time by using signal emulation techniques.

IP based KVM matrix must also provide stable video resolutions, support multiple computer platforms and operating systems, and be able to interface with many different brands of keyboards, mice, and monitors. IP based KVM matrix can support the Seamless cross switching the multiple monitors with single keyboard and mouse. Operator use the OSD and hotkey to get access the PC/Servers, which secured at the Server rooms.

Plus, IP KVM matrix is Pure Network, which support the Collaboration between the various location command centers.

What is the most importance for the command center, 24/7 operation is a must, stability and security functions of the IP based KVM matrix meet it. It support the redundancy and decentralized configuration can make sure one unit fails will not affect the whole system. In command centers where 24/7 operations are crucial, the stability and security features of IP based KVM matrix, such as KVMoIP and HDMI connectivity, play a vital role in ensuring uninterrupted access and seamless collaboration across multiple locations. With support for redundancy and decentralized configuration, IP based KVM matrix provides a reliable solution that safeguards against system failures without impacting the overall operation.

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