Visualization of Transportation Operation Center

Transportation is the key to economic development. It is closely related to people's daily life and plays a vital role in the development of a city's economy and society. Roads, buses, rail transit, and other facilities have become the main modes of urban transportation. However, with the rapid development of the economy and society and the acceleration of urbanization, the number of motor vehicles has increased rapidly, and the problem of urban traffic has become increasingly serious. To solve various problems in urban traffic, many cities have adopted various means, such as building a series of business systems such as signal control, bayonet monitoring, video surveillance, and traffic guidance. These measures have alleviated the traffic problem to a certain extent, but they cannot comprehensively control the overall traffic situation and fundamentally realize the intelligent management of urban traffic. Intelligent Transporation Operation Control solution is key important for nowadays transporation system.

1. The management platform of the transportation operation center(TOC)

The traffic management department should improve the real-time monitoring, overall layout, and overall coordination capabilities, and daily road network operation monitoring and coordinated management should be carried out from multiple dimensions. First of all, it is necessary to highly  integrate various traffic business systems, including geographic information systems, bayonet systems, video surveillance systems, traffic signal control systems, traffic flow detection systems, traffic guidance systems, traffic violation detection systems, traffic information collection systems, and the positioning system of vehicle satellites, etc. Secondly, it is necessary to integrate the existing system resources of various transportation departments, realize the coordinated management of multi-department data, and improve the management and service level of the traffic police in urban traffic. And all of this requires an integrated management platform that can meet the needs of resource sharing, system interoperability, traffic situation visualization, and monitoring in various transportation business fields. AVCIT AV OVER IP system can perfectly help to meet these requirements. To enhance traffic management capabilities, it is crucial to integrate various traffic business systems and existing resources of transportation departments. The AVCIT AV OVER IP system, with its IP video wall controller technology, offers an integrated management platform that enables resource sharing, system interoperability, and traffic situation visualization, empowering transportation operation centers to efficiently monitor and manage urban traffic. Additionally, the system provides a scalable and flexible IP video wall solution for visualizing transportation data on large-scale display screens in real-time, enhancing situational awareness and decision-making capabilities.

2. The functions of the Transportation Operation Center

The transportation operation center can support integrated video surveillance systems, intelligent bayonet systems, traffic flow detection systems, signal control systems, and other traffic business systems, and realize functions such as video surveillance, intelligent bayonet analysis, and traffic operation status monitoring, and traffic signal monitoring. The platform can help managers understand the running status of the road network and its changing laws in real-time, provide scientific data support for traffic management decision-making and traffic planning and design, and realize remote real-time monitoring of road traffic conditions. The visualized OSD can help managers to grasp the deployment and dynamics of service personnel in real-time, which is convenient for timely dispatch. This management supports functions such as service deployment, service supervision, and service assessment. IP KVM matrix can help to make critical-mission TOC for the manager and users to monitor all the Traffic information and make the decision quickly.

The informatization management of transportation infrastructure is realized through video surveillance systems, detection systems, mobile terminals, etc., to help managers comprehensively perceive and monitor the status of infrastructure. These systems can support the safety management and maintenance management of traffic infrastructure, and improve the traffic operation management and service guarantee capabilities.

At the same time, the system can also analyze, summarize, integrate, and analyze the data of historical traffic flow, traffic violations, and traffic accidents, to realize the analysis and judgment of traffic situations, and achieve the purpose of scientific and detailed management. This provides a decision-making basis for traffic management departments to optimize traffic organization, police force deployment, and equipment layout. AVCIT AV over IP video wall controller can help to display all the contents in real time, users can drop&drap any contents to any displays and also can do the layout preset for the emergency mode, daily mode etc.

The urban brain is sought after by many people, and traffic light regulation to solve the problem of congestion is only a small part of smart transportation. Monitoring, supervision, analysis, and judgment under normal conditions can truly make the overall management of traffic managers in control. All of these are inseparable from the "transportation operation center" that makes traffic data visible and perceptible.

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