What Are the Introduction and Advantages of KVM Switch over IP?

1. Understanding network KVM switch over IP

With a KVM Switch Over IP, you can access and manage computers of any size. Users can instantly access, switch and share resources. Any connected user console (including a keyboard, mouse, monitor, or another peripheral device) can access any computer on the network. Expensive equipment and software licenses can be shared in real time between multiple users who can access the same computer in real-time from their respective workstations. By adding a network  KVM Switch Over IP, users can use their monitor, keyboard, and mouse to connect to multiple computers. This provides significant advantages: each operator has immediate access to the tools they need; users across the complex system can share equipment and software. And, multiple computers and monitors can be easily operated using a single keyboard and mouse.

With the rapid development of audio and video technology, KVM technology is also developing like wildfire. So far, KVM switches have come a long way from analog to digital and are now widely used in applications such as security monitoring and multimedia conference rooms. Network KVM switches have many advantages and are widely used in these areas.

2. What are the benefits of using a network KVM switch over IP?

Network KVM Switch Over IP allows you to control multiple server devices through a single device connection, allowing managers to eliminate tedious work steps and greatly improve overall work efficiency. It can support mouse control and control multiple computers with one set of keyboards and mice; support HDMI adjustable output with fixed output resolution and input and output resolutions up to 4K60; support the audio resolution and seamless and fast switching of 13 signals. It can save space for monitors, keyboards, and mice. For example, one 13-way KVM switch can control 13 servers with a set of mice, keyboards, and monitors. Remote management with a network KVM switch ensures 24/7 management and a secure and stable network.

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