What is a Smart City Control Room?

With the rapid development of information technology and Internet of Things technology, intelligence and informatization have become a trend in the development of various industries, and the management of cities also needs to be intelligent. Therefore, the concept of smart city came into being. How to carry out centralized monitoring, centralized management, and centralized dispatch and command of data information? It requires a control room. What is a smart city control room?

The smart city control room uses the daily city operation management center + emergency control room to realize various functions such as basic data display, process supervision and monitoring, and coordinated dispatching of incident handling. With the goal of "comprehensive function, information sharing and convenient command", it integrates voice, video surveillance conference, command and dispatching, cluster intercom, GIS business, 3D reality, 3G/4G individual soldier, emergency plans and work related to administrative departments. The operation platform of AVCiT control room powered by all-in-one KVM control and video wall control solution, can be used for centralized real-time monitoring, early warning, statistical analysis, performance appraisal, and multi-screen display of various topics and relevant meeting content.

1. Overview of Smart City Management Control Room

(1) The smart city control room takes the city, an open and complex command system, as the object, takes the basic information flow of the city as the basis, uses a series of mechanisms such as decision-making, planning, organization and command, and adopts legal, economic, administrative and technical means to guide decision-making, and to regulate and coordinate service and business behaviors about the operation and development of the city through the interaction of government, market and society. The smart city control room is a government-affiliated agency responsible for city management and governance, as well as big data. To effectively manage and govern a smart city, the smart city control room plays a vital role by utilizing advanced technologies such as IP video wall controller, enabling comprehensive monitoring and control of the city's operations. With its ability to facilitate decision-making, coordination, and analysis through big data, the smart city control room becomes an essential government-affiliated agency for efficient city management in the modern era.

2. System structure of Smart City Control Room

(1) The smart city control room is an mission-critical place for the city to process daily duty, and to carry out command and dispatching, and emergency response. It is dominated by command & control technology and information technology, and it makes full use of advanced technologies such as modern communication technology, network technology, automation technology, and electronic monitoring. As a result, a modernized, networked and intelligent command and decision center with data transmission network as the link, computer information system as the support, video conference and satellite positioning as the auxiliary means has been built, integrating audio, video, computer network, image monitoring, three-dimensional positioning and other functions.

(2) The smart city control room is mainly composed of the venue of the control room, the basic support system and the basic application software. The venue of the control room is mainly composed of space layout design, basic decoration, weak current engineering, equipment room, AVCiT control room console, operation platform of control room and dispatching console of control room, including wall decoration, integrated wiring, access control system, closed-circuit monitoring, lightning protection and grounding, UPS power supply, precision air conditioning, etc. of the control room solutions.

(3) Smart City Control Room consists of different systems, including Emergency Communication System, Command and Control System, Call Center, Large Video Wall display system, Video Access and CCTV System, Audio Reinforcement System, IT Network System, Conference System, and Centralized Control System. AVCiT provides the KVM/AV over IP system to combine all the sub system to build a unified collaborative paltform for visualzied collaboration between multiple departments. 

3. System functions of smart city control room

(1) Multi-dimensional on-duty function of smart city control room solutions: Multi-dimensional on-duty function can be realized through various smart terminals (AVCiT all-in-one KVM and video wall control over IP solutions, console, portable console, individual soldier, mobile phone, etc.) It can set up on-site video conference anytime and anywhere, and transmit audio and video as well as important data from the event site to the control room in real time to realize immersive command and control and make the quickest processing decisions.

(2) Emergency command function of smart city control room solutions: it integrates voice, video surveillance conference, command and dispatching, cluster intercom, GIS business, 3D reality, 3G/4G individual soldier, emergency plans and work related to administrative departments, etc., and establish a modern, networked and visualized emergency disposal system that integrates multiple technologies, functions and powers.

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