How Does 4K HDMI Matrix Play a Role in Meeting Room Upgrades?

What is 4K HDMI matrix?

With the upgrading of meeting rooms and meeting room products, the signal formats of the meeting room AV system will become more complex and diversified. 

Signal interfaces are diverse, such as the old CVBS, YPBPR, VGA, etc., to the later replacement of HDMI and DVI, the mixing of various signals to switch has become inevitable. Multi-way mixed signal switching is often the case, sometimes need the screen splicing function, then the HD modular 4K HDMI matrix can achieve mixed signal switching and screen splicing both together.

How 4K HDMI matrix works in multifunctional meeting rooms?

Multifunctional meeting room is an important room for conference system. Through the integration of digital signal processing, compression coding tech and data transmission, the high quality audio, video and many intelligent features closely combined to achieve more functions, more complete video transmission and processing, which is the mian role the 4K HDMI matrix plays.

4K HDMI matrix supports mixed switching between various signals, such as DVI, HDMI, VGA, CVBS, and SDI, which solves the incompatible problem of multiple signals switching in meeting room AV system. At the same time, HDBaseT port and optical fiber port also solve the problem of long-distance transmission, so that the 4K HDMI matrix can do it as well. 

The 4K HDMI matrix addresses the problem of signal mixing and switching, and also solves the problems of long-distance transmission, multi-screen splicing, mixed signal switching and black screen. It brings a good experience, and provides a guarantee for the subsequent decoration of the meeting room.

The traditional conference solution can no longer meet the needs of modern conference system due to the development of modern tech and the wide application of digital tech. The digital and modular AV conferencing system responds to the trend of the conference and overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional system, making it widely used in many institutional meetings and corporate meetings with excellent performance.

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