Differences Between HDMI Matrix Switcher and Video Wall Processor

HDMI's full English name is "High Definition Multimedia Interface". HDMI interface can provide up to 5Gbps data transmission bandwidth, and can transmit uncompressed audio signals and high resolution video signals. It also eliminates the need for digital to analog or analog to digital conversion before the signal is transmitted, ensuring the highest quality audio and video signal transmission.

HDMI matrix switcher and video wall processor are both equipment commonly used in the conference room, multifunctional exhibition hall, security monitoring and system integration. Then do you know the differences between HDMI matrix switcher andvideo wall processor?

1. HDMI matrix switcher and video wall processor

HDMI matrix switcher can support arbitrary switching of multiple signals, whether it is 1 to many, many to many, or many to 1 switching. It supports a variety of control methods and can choose which switching method to use according to the actual needs and environment. It supports multiple simultaneous online switching, as well as 4K@60 resolution ultra-high definition display. Video wall processor, also called splicing processor, is an image splicing control processing equipment, which can collect high-definition video signal and achieve real-time and high-resolution digital image processing.

2. The HDMI matrix switcher and video wall processor work differently

HDMI matrix switcher andvideo wall processor have different working principles. HDMI matrix switcher is to switch and output multiple input signals to multiple display devices. The video wall processor divides a complete video signal into multiple signals and distributes them to multiple displays, in which the input video image is displayed on the large screen with multiple displays. It can also support picture-in-picture display, multiple image overlay, zoom in and out and arbitrary adjustable position of the image. Its image sync  technology can also effectively solve the dynamic image problem of a huge video wall.

3. The HDMI matrix switcher and video wall processor have different functions

HDMI matrix switcher and video wall processor also have different functions. HDMI matrix switcher is responsible for signal switching. It supports the full-screen display and split-screen display, or the combination. Large video wall processor has the matrix function, and can achieve picture-in-picture, roaming, overlay, image scaling and other functions. HDMI matrix switcher and large video wall processor have different functions and play different roles in the system integration project. AVCIT is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of intelligent audio and video, and currently has formed high-definition hybrid matrix, HDMI matrix, IP based video wall processor and other product series.

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