Precautions for the Use of Video Matrix Switchers and Network KVM matrix Switches

While using monitoring equipment in many places, the use of video matrix switchers is essential. During the installation and integration of the video matrix switcher, we need to pay attention to the following matters.

1. Precautions during installation and integration of video matrix switchers

(1) The original inside the product of the video matrix switcher cannot be changed at will. Once the original component is changed, the product may not be used normally.

(2) The video matrix switcher must be grounded with a triangular socket. After grounding, the signal will not be disturbed by other interference, nor will it cause equipment damage. The most important thing is that the personal safety of the user is guaranteed after grounding, and there will be no leakage due to electricity leakage, in which case the personal safety of the user is endangered.

(3) Set the video matrix switcher in a ventilated and dry place, and try to turn off the power in cloudy and rainy days, so as to make its service life longer.

(4) When repairing the video matrix switcher, please unplug the power plug before moving the device to avoid possible damage to the device. If the equipment fails, we should not disassemble the case and enclosure of the equipment without authorization, in order to prevent electric shock accidents during the disassembly process, which may threaten personal safety.

2. Improper use of the network KVM matrix switch will reduce its service life

Network KVM matrix switches are favored by more and more enterprises due to their unique advantages, so what should enterprises pay attention to when using KVM matrix switches? In order to prolong the service life of the network KVM matrix switch and reduce unnecessary waste of resources, in the following we summarize some precautions for you:

(1) Do not use the network KVM matrix switch for a long time without interruption. When not in use, power off the KVM matrix according to the correct method.

(2) Do not cut off the power directly to avoid burning the internal motherboard and screen of the KVM matrix. The correct method for KVM matrix should be: press the power switch 

(3) The network KVM matrix switch should be placed away from fire sources, chemicals and direct sunlight to avoid accidents.

(4) Please avoid using the KVM matrix in the environment not allowed by the network KVM KVM matrix switch, such as in high temperature, low temperature and humid environment.

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