Why Should We Use The Video Wall Controller?

1. About the video wall controller

Wherever in Control Room or Meeting Room, large display wall is helpful to show more source content. It's able to display a single large image on the whole video wall crossing the multiple screens by using a video wall controller or display multiple sources by picture-in-picture, free resize, overlap etc.

2. The benefits by using video wall controller

(1) Use the bezel correction function of the ip video wall controller to create a video wall with regular monitors. When building video walls, to minimize image gaps caused by multiple screens, ultra-thin bezel displays are often required, but such displays are often very expensive and very fragile (easily damaged during installation), so they may be not a good choice if the project is on a tight budget. Most video wall controllers offer a feature called "bezel correction (or compensation)" that can help smooth the transition of the image across the bezel, so cheaper displays (thick bezels or uneven bezel widths) can also be used for video wall.

(2) The controller video wall can create an asymmetrically shaped video wall to make the display more eye-catching. The controller video wall allows easy rotation of the image, and for some models, the image can be rotated to any angle, not just 90/180/270 degrees.

(3) Most of them have image cropping, aspect ratio and orientation adjustment functions, which are essential functions of artistic video walls.

(4) Professional controllers give you the flexibility to display content from multiple sources and formats. It allows you to display discrete content on a video wall or in picture-in-picture, PoP or multi-view (3/4/6/9…split view). Content from different input devices can be displayed directly on the video wall without any pre-rendering.

(5) Video wall controllers make it easier to achieve powerful high-resolution images with multiple input sources. It is more economical and stronger to use multiple synchronized android media players and video wall controllers to display super high resolution images on a video wall than to build a high performance (more advanced CPU and graphics card) PC server as a high resolution content player. Integrated video wall controllers offer a cost-effective and robust solution for achieving powerful high-resolution images on an IP video wall, utilizing multiple synchronized Android media players and video wall controllers, providing superior performance compared to relying solely on a high-end PC server as a content player.

(6) They are usually "solid state" (PC free, zero client), more reliable and don't have any potential compatibility issues caused by PC OS.

(7) Available to access and transmit various type of video sources from different input devices except the PC. Standalone video wall controllers typically support sources from any device (not just PCs, but video conference terminal like Huawei, Polycom, Cisco and DVD, Workstation, CCTV IP Camera  etc.), and you don't need to edit or render the image in software before playing on the video wall.

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